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The groups who sponsor the Pan American Lectureships.


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Great Cities Missions

Great Cities Missions serves missionary teams sent to designated cities of Portuguese- and Spanish-speakers in the Latin World.

Great Cities Missions has been sharing the gospel in the Latin world since 1976. The ministry has recruited and trained over 30 missionary teams and sent them to major metropolitan cities in ten different countries of the Latin world. Over 300 adults and their children have moved to new countries to tell people about Jesus and plant churches. Using the Great Cities Missions model of recruiting and training, over one hundred congregations now meet and thousands of people now worship Jesus as Savior. Continue reading…


missions resource network logoMissions Resource Network

Missions Resource Network exists to help Churches of Christ plant strong congregations around the world.

Nearly 7 billion people reside on this planet and our population grows by two inhabitants every second! It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 9.5 billion people living on Earth. These are the demographics, but what is the religious picture? Those claiming adherence to any Christian faith account for only 33% of the world’s population. Among this broad Christian community of 2 billion adherents globally, Churches of Christ claim less than 3 million members and nearly half of those reside in the U.S.

We American Christians need a more global vision, one that enables us to see people worldwide with spiritual eyes. Our wealth, technology, and numbers require that we accept our stewardship responsibility to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those without hope. Continue reading…


Baxter Institute Logo by KitBaxter Institute

Baxter Institute fulfills its mission to serve and strengthen churches and Christians in Latin America by training ministers, missionaries and leaders, by providing resources to plant and strengthen churches, by partnering with missions and educational organizations to reach shared goals, and by providing a base for Latin American missions.

The dream which we know today as Baxter Institute began in Mexico in 1963. Baxter opened and held its first classes in 1964. In 1978, the school was moved to Honduras. Baxter will celebrate its 50th year in 2013-2014. Continue reading…


mision para cristo logoMision Para Cristo

Mision Para Cristo – We are glad you’ve stopped by to visit! Let me tell you about the misión. Misión Para Cristo’s main objective is to share the message of our Lord Jesus Christ with all the people of Nicaragua. To accomplish this the mission works with the churches of Christ, other organizations and local groups to serve the people of Nicaragua in the areas of health care, feeding the hungry, providing shelter, caring for children and education in the Jinotega and Matagalpa Regions of Nicaragua. To see the work and the people involved in serving the people of Nicaragua visit the Misión photo web site at Continue reading…


herald of truth logoHerald of Truth

Our Vision – Allowing every person on earth multiple opportunities to hear, see and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ, in their native language – every nation – every moment – every day.

Our Strategy – Reaching out to individuals through media, the internet and events, doing what the local church can’t. Our goal is to lead the lost to Christ, disciple and integrate new believers in the local church.

Our Goal – To present the gospel to 100 million people across the globe through communication technologies. To baptize 1 million people into Christ and equipping them to do the same.

Our Technology Plans – We plan to utilize internet-based outreach and communication technologies in text, video, audio on multiple platforms: computers, iPods, cell phones, podcasting, radio, TV, and film. Our goal is to always be accessible!

Our Goal for Languages – We want to present the gospel in the top internet languages covering 85% of the 1 billion people using the internet – in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, and Russian. Continue reading…


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